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I wasn’t the fastest and I didn’t make goals. But I was always there, behind the scenes. Organizing. Starting the game. In my first few years, went from being a faithful team member and a regular sub to wearing the captain’s armband.  I didn’t learn to dribble, but rather, my own self-improvement helped me to make everyone better.

The things I learned during those years that were full of companionship, overcoming obstacles, patience, adapting to change, falling and getting back up again…all of these are lessons I now realize, many years later, have improved my life at home, during my travels and with my friends. It could have been any sport—swimming and table tennis occupied more than one afternoon during that period—but it was soccer.  Those ten years determined everything that came afterwards.

I studied Political Science because the “how” and the “why” have always interested me more than the “what.” For instance, learning and analyzing the background of how decisions are made, how using precise language allows the same idea to be expressed in multiple, distinctive ways thus making it much more attractive, certain, comprehensible and necessary.  How perception continuously trumps reality.  How politics and communication are intimately connected.  All of this fascinated me.

At the present moment, I can sincerely say that I was much more unsure about where this was all taking me at the time. I was interested in experiencing new things and in traveling, because change made me feel better.  Today, with more of a serene perspective, I am glad that I did not cease to open doors by changing teams, choosing another school, those summers in Harrogate and Cambridge, being in Bologna for a year, taking a road trip through Europe, studying what I liked and changing cities more than one, two or three times.

I had the opportunity to be one of the few foreigners to work at the Consulate. There, in the Department of Institutional Relations and Citizenship, I was more aware than ever that it wasn’t enough to just work hard and do my homework well.  It wasn’t even about being the best. One had to know how to explain things, how to transmit ideas… how to communicate well. It was there that I saw my opportunity. I spent two years studying Corporate Communications, Political and Electoral Communication… and in an area that fascinates me: managing communication in crisis situations.  These two years were full of sacrifice, but they also provided me with the best education to being my own consulting firm. Since then, I have not stopped learning, especially since I treat what many refer to as clients as my colleagues.

Making that jump at 23 was not easy. Nor was it easy to walk the 900 km between Roncesvalles and Finisterre with 8 kg on my back, nor were the 750 km from Bilbao to Santiago on my bicycle. Nor will the more than 1,000 that await me this summer between Seville and Galicia be easy. But at that time, I had the sense that if I didn’t take a step forward, I would always remain in the same place.

I don’t know if being a Communications Consultant is a vocation, a profession or a career. When I look back, if this has taught me anything, it is that everything is relative, and to see everything more clearly.  Everything is easier if you learn to enjoy the process, to enjoy the journey.  To be patient, prudent, and more than anything, to be perseverant. Without a doubt, it’s helpful to have a clear goal in mind.  But it’s more helpful to help and take care of your contacts, your friends and professionals you meet along the way. I have proof that they are the ones who give you the most stamina.

CV Yuri Morejon

  • Director of Yescom Consulting and Comunicar es Ganar.
  • Public Communications Consultant for Business owners, Politicians and Elite Athletes
  • Political Scientist, Specialist in Public Opinion
  • Masters Degrees in Corporate Communications Management, Image Assessment and Political Consulting, and Managing Communication in Crisis Situations
  • Lecturer in communications and public image for various Master’s Programs including the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, the Universidad de Deusto, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the Universidad Carlos III and the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset.
  • Co-Author of the documentary: The Legendary Ones. Made to Make an Impression.
  • Author of the book De tú a tú. La buena comunicación de gobierno.
  • Frequent contributor to Spanish media outlets such as television and radio networks Cadena SER, RNE, TVE, ETB and newspapers such as El Mundo.

More information at LinkedIn.

Although you may have heard seen me talk here or there, I like to listen more, to interpret and share important details.  I don’t know if they are more innovative, but they definitely include the practical things I have learned in the last decade working in Spain, Latin America and the United States with entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes to polish their public image and strategies and their relationship with the media.

While it might seem like I do a lot, and that I am around but not around because I live between Bilbao, Madrid and New York, I do no more than what I know how to do.  Being there, behind the scenes: helping you to communicate better.

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