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Yuri is one of those people that you like to run into when you have a second in the hustle and bustle of the day to day. You enjoy his phone calls, and you remember the talks you have with him. He knows how to listen and talks slowly, not so that he can hear himself better, but so that you don’t miss out on a single detail. Without a doubt, he is among the best people I have met lately. Follow him, he’ll be there for you.
Mario García Gurrionero
PhD, Communications

In the personal ambit, Yuri is accessible, a good confidant, responsible…it’s as if you’ve known him all your life. In the professional sphere, he achieves the maxim of making the difficult simple, he makes the secrets of effective communication seem effortless. And, it’s a pleasure to listen to him.
Ignacio Martín Granados
Head of Cabinet

Yuri talks about all the surface elements of situations, but he always reaches in-depth conclusions. He knows how to listen and he exudes confidence. He has vision and he pays attention to details that become fundamental. And, most importantly, you can trust him.
Montse Prats
Branding and Communications

Yuri has it clear: closeness and professionalism. He knows how to use right tools, he has intuition, and he knows the territory, in Spain and in Latin America. He is one of those professionals who is able to refresh the way politics are done, to find the best solutions during a campaign, during a crisis situation, or in public administration. He is a great advisor.
Javier Pereira

Yuri explains things with such enthusiasm that he forgets to even order a Coke at the bar where you spend two hours with him, but the best thing is that he explains things so well that you also forget to order something, because he completely absorbs you.
Miljana Micovic

Yuri is an unpretentious, inspiring person with a great sense of humor; he is an excellent communicator: no detail escapes him. Best of all: he makes you feel like an equal when you talk with him.
Pablo Correa
Media Relations

Yuri is everything he seems to be and what he doesn’t say he is. He always sees the positive side of things. He is not strong-willed, he is perseverant; he is not a risk-taker, he is an adventurer, he doesn’t negotiate, he is diplomatic. He’s the kind of guy you always want to talk to, even if it’s about politics.
Virginia Carrasco
Script Writer

If the first step in communication is knowing how to listen to everyone who has something to say, and the second is to generate confidence amongst those who listen to you…we are definitely in the presence of a great communicator.
Berta Barbet
Political Scientist

Above all, he is constant, he is an innovator, and a good communicator. A polyglot and a lover of travel, Yuri, who at first glance seems serious, will surprise you with his sense of humor.
Jonatan García Rabadán
Public Opinion Researcher

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